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Project Description

This project is intended to extend WCF with a new protocol: AMF, which is more commonly known as Flash Remoting. The primary goal is to create a Flash Remoting endpoint from a WCF service, but a C# AMF client will be trivial to implement from the project, too.


For server-side setup instructions, please see Server Setup. For all other examples, please check out our Documentation.

Flash Developers

Note that flash cannot access alternate ports automatically; as a result, the default ASP.Net Development Server does not work to serve up AMF to flash. (This does not affect the .NET clients.) Either use a specially-configured crossdomain.xml or set up IIS locally to serve up your web project.


If you run into any issues, please don't hesitate to open up an Issue under the Issue Tracker so that I can look into it and, hopefully, fix the bug.
If you've used WCF Flash Remoting, I'd really like to know about it! I understand if you can't publicly state what your project is, but simply stating "hey, I've used it, it works" (or doesn't, and I will make it work better next time) makes me feel like my time was not a waste.

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